Welcome to Donkey Bring Joy…


I’m all about the details. Small, medium, and large. Perfection in design may be unattainable, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.


I’m a team player. I love synergistic moments as much as hitting a solo home run.


I’m allergic to the word maybe.


I love language. I ask questions. I believe knowledge is a life long quest, filled with all the side adventures any person could ask for.


I still ask questions.


I relish turning big jobs into finished products. Then rest, repeat.


I don’t understand the word mundane. There is beauty in simple tasks. It’s all in the approach.




… I graduated in 2009 from Lane Community College with a degree in Multimedia Design.


I’ve spent the last 12 months working for an awesome company called Swipe Tap Pinch that does amazing iPhone and iPad Apps.

I used my knowledge and applied design elements and applied it to many facets of Mobile App creation, such as UI design, backgrounds, overlaying images and the App icon.

I am also an accomplished musician with years of songwriting and touring experience.